RetroRam’s Game of the Week 12th November 2017 – Wolfenstein: The New Order


I realise that my blog is a little underused, and I’d like to rectify that – initially by starting a regular feature. Weekly in fact. Every Sunday henceforth, I intend to highlight a game from my collection that has been taking my time in the past few days.

Today the accolade of first weekly game goes to Wolfenstein: The New Order on PlayStation 4. I’ve tried to play it before, but got stuck on one particular section only a couple of levels in. This week I started again, needing a break from Forza 6 (almost game of the week, but I decided on this one), and made it to the same place. This time I remembered the advice I’d been given mere minutes before, and used a cutting tool to make a path through the wire fences, avoiding the gun turrets that had made progress previously impossible.

The game has a certain feel of the last generation, being also available on PS3, but overall presentation is very good. The graphics and textures sit well with other early PS4 titles, and the game runs smoothly. More importantly, the gameplay is wonderful. Weapons have a real weight behind them, the sound effects and deft use of controller rumble aiding the effect. The Nazis are presented as perfectly deserving of your hatred, as you’d expect, whilst BJ Blazkowicz is in his way a likeable avatar.

Set in an alternative post-war 1960, in which the Nazis have won and spread their totalitarian empire across the world, you escape after 14 years in an asylum and (with the help of a small resistance group) must fight to remove them from power. Besides variations on the standard FPS armoury, you will encounter various “futuristic” weapons, including laser guns and the like, which come in handy against the large robot monsters that come for you.

It’s a lot of fun to lay waste to the nasty Germans, sometimes employing stealth to sneak up and despatch them from behind.

I haven’t been quiet about my distaste for Call of Duty WWII on Twitter, and Wolfenstein is WWII done right. Historically-inaccurate, politically-incorrect, it pulls no punches and makes no apologies for what it is – tremendous, tight enjoyment.

On a side note, its expansion, Old Blood, is also very good….


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