Christmas Time, Mistletoe and a Bit of a Whine

Christmas is coming. Call it Holidays if you like. It’s still Christmas. And what better time than to do what everyone else is doing and reminisce over a few Christmas-themed games of my past.

Xmas LemmingsI remember receiving this on a magazine cover disc. It must have been Amiga Format, that’s the only one I remember ever buying. My Amiga 500+ came with the Cartoon Classics pack which included Lemmings, and I was addicted. This short expansion, the Lemmings with their little Santa costumes, new on-theme music, and snowy levels filled many days over that early-90s festive period.


James Pond 2: Codename Robocod – Another Amiga memory of mine, I first saw Robocod on some TV show or other, where some poor sod was brought onto the show to see how far he could get in the game having never played it before. He didn’t do too well. Such a fun game, sponsored originally by Penguin biscuits, it’s stretching and jumping about Christmassy levels to the jaunty rendition of the Robocop theme that sticks in my mind.


Zool– One more Amiga favourite here – Zool! Ok, so not a Christmas themed game by itself, but it does have a fun snow level. I say fun. The game’s momentum physics were already incredibly slippy and hard I control even before they dumped you in a snow level! There’s another sponsorship deal involved here – this time Chupa Chups!


Die Hard Trilogy – I know, I know. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. However, it is set at Christmas, and so is its sequel, which is the one we’re focusing on here. Die Hard Trilogy is one of the great PlayStation titles, and the section for Die Harder is easily the best section – an on-rails shooter based in the airport from the film. At Christmas. But not a Christmas film.


So there we have a couple of Christmas-themed games I remember playing back in the day (or perhaps more recently in a couple of cases….)

What others do you remember that you feel are worth a mention?


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