Game of The Week 24/12/17 – Devil May Cry 4 (PS4)

Well this week I’ve been mostly getting back into some old games I never got far into, including The Evil Within and Apollo Justice. One game that stands out above the others though is Devil May Cry, remastered for PS4, which was on sale recently.


I had DMC4 on Xbox 360 back in the day. I’d played the first couple of games on PS2 but not really got into them, but number 4 caught my attention. I never got so far into it at the time because of time constraints and (something that hasn’t changed) too many games.

Nowadays I have purchased pretty much all the games I want for the foreseeable future, so I am spending a little time catching up on the games in my backlog, including this recently re-purchased joy.

The game is simply a lot of fun. Tight combat with plenty of depth, beautifully realised architecture in a gothic style that will be familiar to fans of the earlier games. There are light puzzle elements to the game too, but nothing that will tax your brain too much if you pay attention.

Bosses are big and tough, but usually beatable in the first attempt (at normal difficulty) and the general enemies are fun and slightly disturbing, with a strange puppet motif.

As is expected, the game looks wonderful on the newer hardware, with all the rough edges smoothed off and running better than ever.

This is a wonderful game, my favourite in its series, and worth adding to your collection.


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