Bitland Gaming into 2018

So, I’ve changed my blog title. RetroRam was fun, but it had become super clear that my focus is not on retro gaming. I once thought it would be, and indeed I started the blog with plans to discuss the Game Boy and its sequels, and the many great games available on them. However, in the time since this started I’ve purchased a Wii U, PS4, Switch and Xbox One (in that order) and quickly came to realise that whilst many “retro” games have an important place both in my own nostalgia and in the path our hobby has taken to this point, to call myself a “retro” gamer is to deny that I play games in general, of all periods. Sure, I still enjoy the good old games, and regularly enjoy a run through any and all of the Super Mario games, but 90% of my gaming time these days is spent on my lovely PlayStation 4.

For some time I’ve been trying to decide on my future path. I love the people I interact with on Twitter, I love writing about my favourite hobby, and I wanted to take it to another level. I’d considered starting a youtube channel, to combat the number of people talking about video games who clearly haven’t experienced them for themselves, recycling the consensus views of games without any understanding of the subject. Then there were questions – do I record myself, face and all, or hide behind a RetroRam avatar? Should I learn to animate? Would people even come to watch someone who openly dismisses Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey as proof the Nintendo’s grasp of open world gaming is as tenuous as their understanding of online play. People simply don’t like to have their borrowed opinions challenged.

After some soul searching I decided that Youtube, and associated negative feedback, wasn’t for me. I have a history in comics, having created a few for fun in the past, and whilst flicking through my old files I found Bitland, which was a comic I’d started to develop around 4 years ago but hadn’t got beyond the basic idea and some early character designs (as seen in this site’s logo). In fact, the gmail address I set up for my RetroRam twitter account is bitlandgaming… so it made a lot of sense to resurrect the idea and try and build it into something more.

So here we are, I’ve rebranded to BitlandGaming on all social media, and with that rebrand comes some ideas for the future, to make this something more than just a platform for my thoughts and conversation with other gamers. The name originally came from a comic idea so I have plans to resurrect that on here and Instagram, tied in with the retro game community and its good and bad sides. I like to start each year with a regular project in mind, and this coming year I’m back to a daily sketch. I recently, bought an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and they’re a powerful art tool. I plan to use my iPad for a daily sketch, with a focus on Bitland and daily events, as something of a visual diary. My best art has come from these ideas in the past and I hope to slowly build Bitland into a complete idea in this way.

I wish you all a merry 2018. I’m using the new year as a springboard for some positive change in my life and my family, and I hope that the world can find a way to follow suit.

See you on the other side.


2 thoughts on “Bitland Gaming into 2018”

  1. Well, I definitely think it’s a smart move to avoid the YouTube game. Gaming channels on YouTube are EXTREMELY oversaturated, and unless you’ve got great production value and/or a gimmick like Arlo, you probably won’t be able to stick out.

    Not sure I BitlandGaming is a better name than RetroRam though. Alliteration and all that.


    1. Thanks for your comment. My main gimmick was going to be actually having played the games I talk about, and also not pandering to the masses by going on about how great such and such game is, when I don’t agree. However, I decided it wasn’t the path for me. BitlandGaming is just based on Bitland, a comic idea I’ve had for a few years that I thought might be my ticket. Gives me something to do if nothing else.


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