So this morning I got an email through from yesterday afternoon purporting to be from Spotify telling me my email address had been changed. Assuming it was a phishing email I ignored the “click here if you didn’t ask for this” link and went direct to their website. Couldn’t log in. Panic sets in as I realise I have ignored decades of internet security advice and used the same email and password combination for several (well, loads) of sites.

While I’m going through my iCloud Keychain to see which sites use the same email address as Spotify, I got in touch with their support team online and got through to their live chat. To their credit the process was quite simple – they asked for a screenshot of an email receipt for Spotify (as early as possible) and for a recent PayPal statement print too. I provided these and moments later had back control of my account. A different story to when my World of Warcraft account was hacked and I had to provide ID, bank statements and CD keys before being told I couldn’t have back any of my gold, armour, weapons or inventory because “it’s your fault you got hacked”.

Annoyingly, as a security measure they’d removed my families accounts (we pay for a family Premium subscription) and all my previously downloaded songs and albums were gone from my phone, but hey at least those nobs no longer have access and my password is now changed to something a little harder to guess.

While I was doing all this I had my email application open, and got two notifications from Facebook about the trouble I was having logging into my account…. so the dicks we’re trying to get into that too!

Well now I’ve changed the passwords on every site I use, from variations of the same password I’ve used since 1992, to mostly iCloud suggested 16 character passwords.

So I should be safe and secure. Unless someone hacks iCloud.

Have you ever dealt with the panic of finding out an account of yours has been taken over by nefarious nogood scum? Had a particularly good or particularly bad experience regaining control? Leave a comment of find me on Twitter @bitlandgaming.


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