SundayFunday – Resident Evil 2 hits 20!

Wow. Talk about one going fast. Resident Evil 2 came out on PlayStation on this day in 1998 in North America at least. It came to Europe a bit later, in April, but hey.

I remember my mate Ben buying it, and we went back to his house after school and played the whole game. It was great! Only took a few hours, with dinner in between, but those were good times. At that point in my life, age 17, everything was new and exciting – I didn’t have a PlayStation of my own, so being able to play this new game in full was a rare opportunity.

The game took everything that had thrilled everyone about the first game and turned it up. The setting is broader – whilst mostly set in the police station, there are sections in the town, including one of gaming’s greatest intros. The introduction of the Licker will forever stay in my memory as will many of the other great set pieces. The series took a misstep with the next game before being reborn as something slightly new with number 4, a game I didn’t care for an awful lot. For me number 2 is the high point of the series, about as close to a flawless game as we got on the PlayStation.

There are strong hints of a long-rumoured remake of the game, perhaps coming to current consoles this year. It’ll be a definite purchase for me. For now though, I’m going to settle down with my PS Vita and stream the classic version from my PS3. I should be able to get through the easier Claire disc by dinner time – then maybe I’ll give the Leon disc a go. I’ve never played it actually.


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