Twatter and The Echo Chamber (amber amber ber er er)

Ah The Internet. Can’t live without it…. though we did fine for a long time. Still, I’m not about to suggest that life was better in the technological dark ages – the same technology fuels our favourite hobbies these days. I’ve connected with many great people through social media, and I’m not restricted on days when I don’t feel like going out.

The main thing I like to encourage, and to take part in, is meaningful discussion. The whole concept of an echo chamber is something that doesn’t sit well with me. It sure is nice when someone agrees with you, but it’s unhealthy to engage only with people who feel the same (or pretend to for cool points) and to avoid any contrary opinions. Every day carries an opportunity to improve yourself, and there’s no better way than to expand your mind with some opposing commentary.

A common trait is seen in those who confuse their opinion with fact – they resort to ridicule to strengthen their position, seeking support within their echo chamber – support that too often is derisory, like a group of jocks slapping each other’s backs after picking on the skinny kid. Ultimately no one wins – the echo chamber protects those within from evolving, and the derision closes down any opportunity for open discussion. Any attempts at retort will merely amplify the derisory tactics of the echo chamber.

Humankind evolves through the opening of minds, the adoption of new ideas and furthering our understanding of the world. We cannot achieve any level of enlightenment by closing up and denying alternative notions.


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