Spider-Man – a crazy conspiracy theory

Like so many of you, I purchased Spider-Man for Playstation 4 yesterday, and managed to put a good few hours into it. It’s a fine game – in particular they’ve nailed the feeling of soaring through the (incredibly clean) New York. Naturally there’s discussion on Twitter, and through the magical medium of abstract thought I came to a fun theory, which I will lay out here. For a laugh.


While I was playing, my wife came in from work and asked “are they trying to make him sound like Tom Holland?” to which I replied, “well, this is Spider-Man.” I recognised the voice, which prompted me to look the game up on IMdB, where I found that Spider-Man is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal who, amongst his dozens and dozens of credits played The Prince in two of the Prince of Persia Trilogy – namely The Sands of Time and Two Thrones.

Now, as you’ll know if you’ve played said Trilogy, in Warrior Within the Prince gains the ability to not only control time (rewinding after a missed jump for example), but the ability to travel through time using special gates, with the palace and associated traps changing from working order to a crumbling, decayed mess. You’ll notice that Lowenthal did not voice The Prince for Warrior Within (the second game of the three). I wonder why that would be… and so we come to the meat of the theory.

(Remember this is for fun).

The Prince (and his voice actor) travelled through time to the present day (well, a few years ago), discovering New York and settling there. Honing the acrobatic skills he’d brought with him, and using his mastery of time to give the illusion of “spidey sense”, he created the character of Spider-Man to help him hide from his enemies, who were still after him in the guise of the various villains of Spider-Man’s universe.

There you go. Silly, isn’t it. Or is it? After all, Prince of Persia…… Peter Parker…..


5 thoughts on “Spider-Man – a crazy conspiracy theory”

  1. The swinging part is the best part of the game. However, I have almost an 80% completion rate now and I’ve come to the conclusion that this game is waaaaaaay over rated. I don’t like giving games a number but if I had to then I think it’s a strong 7. I have only come to this conclusion because I have compared it to similar games which I think were better – in particular, Infamous and That second Batman game. If anything, the stealth missions here feel forced and annoying. I have nothing against stealth in games, provided that it is only an option and you have other means of approaching the game. The MJ parts in particular were highly irritating for me.


    1. I agree, it’s highly overrated. It’s fun for a while, but there’s only so far a good swinging mechanic can carry the game (pun intended). I am around 30% I think. I got Tomb Raider last Friday and got quickly bored of that too, and never went back to Spider-Man. I’m sure it opens up a bit late (well no, I’m not but I hope so), but why do these games use the crap enemies?


      1. I feel like many of these open world (but how open is it, really?) games suffer from the same issues – you look for the story and all the side “missions” aren’t usually all that interesting. Going and curing polluted water made me laugh. I also think that too much of the game revolves around trying to get “skins” – a facet of games that has been plaguing them for a while now and which doesn’t seem likely to go away given that kids love them so much and that many games make a quick buck off these skins.


      2. Yeah I laughed at the side missions for the science stations, especially spraying chemicals in the river to “stop contamination of the food supply”


  2. Yes, Harry’s “missions” 🤣 I have tried to ignore all of them. It’s that one in particular that you mention which put me right off and I avoided them like the plague😀

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