Art Commissions Open!

Having recently had some fun creating some RetroRam avatars for my Twitter account, I’ve decided to open up commissions for anyone who wants my help with a unique avatar for themselves!

He-Ram and the Baaaasters of the Universe

€10 / $10 / £8 will get you a custom avatar in the style of the pictures in this post, to use on Twitter or any forum you wish. Prints are also available starting at €15 / $15 / £12 plus p&p per print in standard photo size (4 x 6″ or 10 x 15cm).


Depending on your needs, there are plenty of other options of art style. Check my portfolio at DeviantArt for an idea of what I’m good at and perhaps some inspiration.

Ram-ona Flowers
Ram-ona Flowers

Besides avatars, please contact me if you’re interested in larger prints. Naturally the price for these will be higher – particularly for a custom one-off, but we can discuss that separately. Most of my work on DeviantArt is also available as a print directly from my profile there.

Jean-Claude Van Ramme
Jean-Claude Van Ramme

Find me on twitter @BitlandGaming, or email me to discuss further. Payment through PayPal.


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