Into 2019

Another year over. Each one seems to fly by faster than the last. It’s been a good one by all accounts, with many great video games released, some good music, films and TV, and in a personal note watching my son grow to be two and a half has been a pleasure. I succeeded for the first time in completing a daily project without missing a single day (results to be found here). So, what’s next?

The first thing to announce is my next daily creative project. I’ve thought over several options, including a daily webcomic, a weekly song (last done in 2015 with 45 songs recorded) and continuing the daily sketches from this year but with a more focussed theme. I even contemplated taking a year off to avoid burning out. It was the recent purchase of an iPhone XR, with its fantastic camera and large screen, that made up my mind – 2019’s daily project will be one of photography.

There is an accidental, recurring theme in my general photography of paths. The simple act of travelling from one place to another, literally or figuratively, is fascinating to me, and so next year’s project will take that name and concept towards its natural end – “Paths”.

As with all my projects, this one will not be done for its own sake. Instead it will be used to focus my creativity and improve a particular set of skills. In this case the art of photography itself, with framing, composition and so on improving through the year, whilst at the same time learning how to make the most of my iPhone’s camera, associated software and, at least at weekends, teaching me better use of my DSLR (a Sony Alpha 390 that has been stuck in its bag for several years, largely unused.) I have a new battery and an empty SD card waiting for me.

I also intend to purchase various equipment that will help me to learn and improve. In this case this will most likely come in the form of various lenses and (probably the most important) a tripod. I have a desktop one, but not a full-height stand.

All in all by this time next year I hope to have come a few steps closer to mastering photography and to have permanently upgraded my ability to take better photographs.

I mentioned a daily comic as one option for this year’s project, and that idea is not entirely out of the frame. In addition to my new photography project, in addition to finally setting up my Etsy shop and trying to sell some of my art, I intend to start work on a comic.

There’s not a lot to say at this point, except that it will involve a video game setting and will take its name from this blog, and my main social media brand – Bitland.

Watch this space.

So. These are my loose plans for staying busy in 2019. I’m quite excited to get into it all and enjoying the satisfaction in a year’s time of having successfully completed another daily project, and carrying the improved skills that go with it into the future. How about you? Do you have any creative projects planned for 2019? Or maybe you just have a list of video games you’d love to finish this year? Come chat me up on Twitter @BitlandGaming.


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